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Would the Energy Star and EPEAT certifications stand if the PC product is offered with a Celeron processor rather than with the Intel core i5?

Where can I find EU Declaration of Conformity?

What would happen if someone were to accidentally inhale ink vapors while printing?

Please provide power/energy consumption figures in Energy Star S4 Mode?

Do you follow Design for the Environment principles to promote sustainable product design?

Is shredded with some HP ink on it ok to be used as compost in soils?

Is your company rated in terms of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainable Development) or have you gained any environmental awards?

How do I get environmental information (Data Sheet) for a specific product?

Use of specific substances or full material disclosures

How does HP reduce the environmental impact of its business activities?

Is the Green Dot featuring on HP Inc. packaging?

Please provide an environmental profile of the offered products / Where can I find a list of IT Eco Declarations?

What is the European Union Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) legislation and how does it affect HP? Its products?

Where can I get Working in Comfort information about HP products?

Does your company release a list of its suppliers?

Compliance with 52 German Law on Circular Economy and/or Waste Law

Does HP comply with the EU REACH Regulations?

Are HP Desktops qualified under FEMP (Federal Energy Management Program)?

My country is not covered by HPs hardware take-back program.

Would HP be willing to provide funding for / support [CustomerName]s charitable project and if so, what level of commitment are you willing to make?

Does your company produce an annual environmental (or corporate social responsibility [CSR]) report?

Can you provide information on your recycling program? In particular, about the cost of the investment required to implement this program and the companys estimate of the pay-back period on the investment.

Are you registered in accordance with the Batteries and Accumulators Directive?

Does HP have an environmental, health & safety policy?

How are the supplier social and environmental guidelines enforced?

HP LaserJets: Why arent Ready, Active, Standby and Auto-Off modes energy values shown in the IT Eco Declaration?

Are IT ECO Declarations available for HP printer supplies?

Are Material Safety Data Sheets available for HP printer supplies?

Where can the pending EPEAT products that are about to be released be found?

Do you have any Energy Saving Tips for your products?

Do you offer battery Recycling in North America (USA and Canada)?

Do you comply with the DIN 33871-1 standard compliance of printing supplies?

When you place printers into boxes, there is often a plastic bag that surrounds the printer inside of the box. What is this bag called, and why is it necessary?

Why are HP Inkjet cartridges packaged inside a large, hard plastic case?

What is the weight of the toner in HP toner cartridges?

Supplies Recycling for US Military forces globally

Is your company defined as a producer/importer under the Batteries and Accumulators Directive?

Where can I find acoustic emissions data for HP products?

Is it economical to switch off PCs at night and if so what are the potential energy savings?

Battery take-back scheme participation in Germany

Are the ink- and toner cartridges free from PVC?

Does HP offer a recycling program for HP toner/cartridges and consumables?

Why is the packaging of the toner cartridges so excessive? Why dont you take back the packaging as well, when taking back the toner cartridges?

How can we follow-up on the environmental management systems, can we view minutes/notes from external auditors?

Where do I find material safety data sheets (MSDS)?

Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3 or GEMS) certification

Does HP export e-waste to developing countries?

Where are HP LaserJet cartridges manuctured?

Can you describe HPs social and environmental responsibility program for the supply chain?

Is HP working on eliminating lead from its products?

Do HP toner cartridges comply with the STMC standard?

Is there a difference in environmental impacts of B&W vs Color printing (toner/cartridge lifecycles from production to disposal, volumes needed for either, pollution/climate/energy/other)?

Are batteries and accumulators you supply free from cadmium, lead, and mercury?

Can photos printed on HP photo media be recycled?

Are your packaging materials separable and recyclable?

My country not covered by HP supplies recycling program.

Can you tell me how many pages a standard toner cartridge will use both on economy and standard settings?

What are you doing to reduce/eliminate the in-the-box packaging materials?

What are HPs social and environmental expectations for suppliers?

Occupational Health and Safety standards compliance OHSAS 18001

China Management Methods (CMM) labelling of HP products

Are lithium-ion batteries exempted from requirements of transport as DG in Australia?

Why are there so many cables packaged with my product?

Is current SDS required for batteries transportation?

Notebooks minimum power supplies energy consumption, Lot 7, ErP

Does HP participate in various sustainability platforms?

Are HP Notebook External Power Supplies Energy Star qualified?

Magnetized material or UN2807 for HP cartridges

What should one do if he/she has accidentally swallowed ink or believes a child has swallowed ink from an HP inkjet print cartridge?

Does your company comply with the Australian Environmental Labelling Association, Australian Voluntary Environmental Labelling Standard AELA 24-2005?

Did the company split impact HP Incs approach to sustainability?

Do you have an ISO 14040 certificate regarding Lifecycle assessment of HP products?

Why has been the outer packaging of HP changed from to plastic folio?

What is HPs approach to circular economy?

Does your company conduct risk assessments of its suppliers?

Can I return my unused HP cartridges through the HP Planet Partners Program?

How do you choose Energy Star category for configurations without an operating system (FreeDOS)? Is such a configuration Energy Star qualified as well?

Is HP obliged to provide the China RoHS Disclosure table in printed form in every product we ship?Hhp toner recyclingelp desk

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